Another realization in progress. This time the most popular setup – an order for a single miner-6 graphics cards.

Proven compact models:
– RX 6600xt 8GB
– RX 6700xt 12GB

Why such a selection:
– Very good performance
– High flexibility in the selection of coins
– High “value retention” factor over time; these models are the most popular in the secondary market

For whom:
– For new investors who want to start mining
– For energy producers with energy surpluses – this problem will be solved thanks to the machine park
– For people looking for diversification in locating assets

Traditionally, the investor receives full support from our team + training. Welcome on board. Happy mining!


Author: Marcin Żywica from ŻET Technologies

Miner, founder of ŻET Technologies, a company
designing and manufacturing advanced crypto miners.

ŻET Technologies provides computing power for blockchain
networks, creates technology for 21st century business.