This is how autumn October passes – another machine enters with the latest software in the world of cryptocurrency mining. This time the secondary market.

  • Top model RTX 3070 Asus Strix – uncompromising for demanding customers;

  • Due to the premiere of the new generation of graphics cards – RTX 3xxx and Rx 6xxx, they have become very, very unexpensive – therefore the entry level is very attractive; you will receive proven insurance equipment!
  • We focus on perspective mining – only fresh coins such as RADIANT, DYNEX, NEXA are some of the more interesting options;

  • To obtain maximum results, we add DUAL MINING – 2in1.


We invite you!

Autumn crypto will not last forever.

Author: Marcin Żywica from ŻET Technologies

Miner, founder of ŻET Technologies, a company
designing and manufacturing advanced crypto miners.

ŻET Technologies provides computing power for blockchain
networks, creates technology for 21st century business.