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Mining rigs

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We design and manufacture advanced mining rigs for mining cryptocurrencies. All our sets are precisely prepared by experienced staff, optimally selected components guarantee the best price / quality ratio. Everything is backed by practical knowledge and experience, thanks to which we can offer 30% better performance than serial production.


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We design dedicated software for extracting cryptocurrencies and managing computing servers. ZET Tool – an application for independent management of computing servers with an intuitive graphical interface, suited both to the needs of a single user and large mining farms (+20).


Lightning fast buying and selling BTC/ETH/USDT.

 Secure withdraw at bitcoin ATM or currency exchange office.

Thanks to user-friendly interface you will manage it yourself in a few simple steps.

Optimization and support

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Higher performance and energy efficiency – up to 30-40% better results. We have a wide base of configurations suited to virtually all types of mining rigs. Professional support by a dedicated supervisor on our helpdesk platform.