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We are a technological company located in the Poznań Park of Science and Technology. We design and manufacture advanced mining rigs for mining cryptocurrencies, create proprietary software that optimizes the work of computing servers, and run a network of mines where you can extract the most promising digital currencies. We provide computing power for the blockchain network. We create technology for business of 21st century.


Ethereum Classic – 51% attack
10 Jan

Ethereum Classic – 51% attack

  ALERT !!!     The Ethereum Classic network has been subjected to a 51% attack, it is recommended not to send a transaction until the situation is clarified. Our mining pool ...
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ZET Tool App – new release
25 Nov

ZET Tool App – new release

Dear miners!   For a long time we have been developing a team of programmers working on software development. We managed to build a team that specializes in blockchain solutions. One of the key project...
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UBIQ – mandatory update
24 Nov

UBIQ – mandatory update

UBIQ - one of the coins of the Ethash family decided to go ahead and report aspirations to join the leading technological cryptocurrencies with their own DNA. What does this means for ZET TOOL app owners - a fe...
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