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We are a technological company located in the Poznań Park of Science and Technology. We design and manufacture advanced mining rigs for mining cryptocurrencies, create proprietary software that optimizes the work of computing servers, and run a network of mines where you can extract the most promising digital currencies. We provide computing power for the blockchain network. We create technology for business of 21st century.


Mining gains, new trend ?
23 Oct

Mining gains, new trend ?

Last time we've noticed some major gains. Miners could be happy despite we are facing bearish market since 2018. The pattern is simply: well-promising cryptocurrencies started to reach value.  We are showin...
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MONERO will be faster and cheaper
17 Oct

MONERO will be faster and cheaper

MONERO - one of the top value cryptocurrency, mainly known as the most secure and private, will be upgraded. Main feature will be:   It will be safer - amount of ring size will be equal It ...
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ZCASH – incoming network update
16 Oct

ZCASH – incoming network update

    Zcash, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies will be updated n the near future . Major update is incoming. New technology knwon as Sapling will be included into Zcash protocol. Thanks t...
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