We present the first ranking after The Merge, which measures the most effective mining pools in the world.
After Ethereum mining ceased, Ethereum Classic became the biggest successor – here the largest number of miners moved.
For our zetpool, this also meant moving. As the latest ranking shows, the move was successful.
We are ranked second in the world in the most prestigious 90d ranking (measuring the efficiency of mining for the last 90 days). However, in the 30d ranking, we take the honorable first place.
Such excellent results are the best motivation for us to continue our work. Despite the huge changes brought by The Merge, it manages to send a sign to the world that we do it right!
We post below the results of the ranking and information on how to connect to the pool.
Happy mining!

Author: Marcin Żywica from ŻET Technologies

Miner, founder of ŻET Technologies, a company
designing and manufacturing advanced crypto miners.

ŻET Technologies provides computing power for blockchain
networks, creates technology for 21st century business.


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