The current year is the year of technological modernization; both leading graphics card suppliers decided to present a new generation 

– AMD introduces the RX 7000 generation, starting with the premiere of the lowest model – RX 7600 8GB and the top – RX 7900XT.

– Accordingly NVIDIA, debuts with the RTX 4000 series, already introducing a whole range of new graphics cards starting from the RTX 4060, ending with the RTX 4090.
We are introducing the most interesting new models to our offer, those that are best in digital mining 

– RX 6600 8GB is replaced by RX 7600 8GB
– RTX 3060 TI 8GB is replaced by RTX 4060TI 8GB
– RTX 3070 8GB is replaced by RTX 4070 12GB

These machines are great at cryptomining especially they are suitable for new generation of digital currencies, where, unlike Ethereum, memory is less important and more emphasis is placed on the number of computing units.

The most interesting new coins include: IRON, RADIANT, DYNEX, ERGO. Various combinations are available in DUAL or TRIPLE mining mode 

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Author: Marcin Żywica from ŻET Technologies

Miner, founder of ŻET Technologies, a company
designing and manufacturing advanced crypto miners.

ŻET Technologies provides computing power for blockchain
networks, creates technology for 21st century business.

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