Mining rigs

We design and manufacture advanced mining rigs for mining cryptocurrencies. All our sets are precisely prepared by experienced staff, optimally selected components guarantee the best price / quality ratio. Everything is backed by practical knowledge and experience, thanks to which we can offer 30% better performance than serial production.


We design dedicated software for extracting cryptocurrencies and managing computing servers. ZET Tool – an application for independent management of computing servers with an intuitive graphical interface, suited both to the needs of a single user and large mining farms (+20).

Home of crypto mining

We are a technological company located in the Poznań Park of Science and Technology. We design and manufacture advanced mining rigs for mining cryptocurrencies, create proprietary software that optimizes the work of computing servers, and run a network of mines where you can extract the most promising digital currencies. We provide computing power for the blockchain network. We create technology for business of 21st century.

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