We are pleased to inform you that what was previously reserved for industrial mines will be available to a wider public.

ZETOS is our proprietary software for mining and monitoring cryptocurrencies.



As the only one we offer a comprehensive solution: UNIFICATION:

☑️Mining rigs
☑️Mining pool
☑️ZETOS software

Each element is custom configured and thanks to the fact that all elements are from one source, we achieve very good results and very stable operation of computing servers / mining rigs.

On average, results are from 5 to 10% better than competing solutions. E.g. Hive + Nanopool / Ethermine for Ethereum / Ethereum Classic.

What ZetOS can do:

☑️ Each miner receives his dashboard (login and password)
☑️24/7 machine park monitoring: Hashing speeds, temperature, server operation time, online / offline status.
☑️The ability to create your own templates for different settings and different cryptocurrencies
☑️ Possibility to group machines
☑️Preview of logs and registers
☑️ Ability to restart machines
☑️ Application to log in remotely to each machine
☑️ Application for Android and iOS with notifications and alerts
☑️ Graphical mode of operation
☑️ Account at the mining pool with detailed miner data

To summarize, everything you need in the life of a true miner. Submit your order

Synergy in the spirit of unification will be further developed, we are waiting for feedback from miners – your opinion is the most important!