Last time we’ve noticed some major gains. Miners could be happy despite we are facing bearish market since 2018.

The pattern is simply: well-promising cryptocurrencies started to reach value. 

We are showing them below. Each of them is GPUmining friendly:

 1. Raven – the most recognized one, great rally from 0,02 to 0,06 USD. Open sourced, driven by community, fair distribution, anty ASIC algo X16r, dedicated to GTX miners, anyway RX’s could be used as well. 

Why gains: Listed on binance, Raven’s protocol incoming upgrade.

 2. Akroma – smarter version of Ethereum with build-in Masternodes mode.  Nice rally from 0,035 to 0,055 USD. 

How to mine: use DaggerHashimoto’s miners, such as Claymore or Phoenix distribution. Dedicated to RX graphic cards.

3. ZelCash – supported by new Equihash 144,5 algo, anty ASIC mining. Major core upgrade, one of the most interesting crypto. There is space to another rally in the future if DevTeam will continue working on such level, ZelCash’s miners will be supposed to be bearish market killer.

How to mine: use miner which supports Equihash 144,5. Dedicated to GTX graphic cards.

4. Haven Protocol – privacy is the key. There is no chance to track transaction through Haven network. Major core upgrade is incoming, Bullet Proof will be included into XVN network. The network became faster and cheaper. Keep an eye on Haven.

How to mine: use CryptoNote miner which support CryptoNoteHaven. Dedicated to RXs graphic cards.

Each of mentioned cryptocurrencies are available on ZET TOOL App – user friendly application with one-click user friendly interface.

To sum up mining is still under bearish market anyway new trend is slighty showed his face. Need more signals to confirm new bull’s run. Probably it could be sooner than miners are expecting.