We are pleased to inform you that we are with you since 3 years! 3 years in the cryptocurrency industry, strictly as a business focused on the mining of cryptocurrency and development of blockchain software. We remember the beginnings when there was no digital mining industry in Poland yet, and the population of miners was at the species level to extinction. In contrast to them, our community has grown expansively and has entered the mainstream trend.

ZET Technologies office


Some say our industry is a state of mind. Well, something is probably the case, it is difficult to indicate the field in which so much happened in 3 years. And we feel that the last word has not yet been spoken.


A short summary of the historical prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum – two cryptocurrencies with which we are closely associated; prices at the beginning of the adventure (April 2016), price at ATH (December 2017), current price (April 2019). A real rollercoaster!


April 2016 – 416 USD

December 2017 – 19 623 USD

April 2019 – 5187 USD


April 2016 -10,32 USD

December 2017 – 1448 USD

April 2019 – 177,81 USD



Thank you to our community, there is almost 4,000 of us on the fanpage and all enthusiasts of distributed registers who love computing power. HODL.


On this occasion, by the end of the week, all computing servers -5% (GPU, ASIC, FPGA), and for services – 10% (repair, service, maintenance, software, masternode, server optimization).



We intend to stand at the mining post for the next long and electrifying years. We feel that the most interesting is just ahead of us.